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Renter FAQs

What can I rent at Urban Tykes?

Right now, you can rent strollers, pack-n-plays, bassinets, high chairs, and baby carriers (Ergo, Baby Bjorn, etc.), but eventually, we plan on making more baby gear available for rent through the Urban Tykes web site and mobile app. So stay tuned!

How do I rent an item?

It’s easy! There are several sections on our home page where you can begin a search. You simply enter your destination city and the dates for which you want to rent the item, and then click the Search button. We’ll pull up any matches to your search parameters, and then you can begin choosing from the results.

When you click on an item, you’ll be able to read details about the equipment, its features, and any additional notes that the lister has provided. When you’re ready to rent it, just click on the button to book the baby gear, and we’ll send you an email once the lister has confirmed the reservation.

Can I request to book more than one item at the same time?

Yes, you can! Actually, we’d recommend that you request from one or two more listers at a time so you can get a quick response. Your credit card won’t be charged until you confirm the reservation and pay for the booking, so there really isn’t any harm in making multiple booking requests.

When you do confirm and pay for a booking, though, we do ask you to cancel or close your other requests so that the listers are made aware that you no longer want to rent their ride. That way, they’ll also know that they can put their equipment back on the calendar as available rentals.

How does pick-up and drop-off work?

Once you’ve confirmed and paid for the rental, we’ll keep in touch with you through email and text as to the next steps to expect. We’ll contact you to confirm a pick-up and drop-off spot (whether it’s your hotel lobby, a rental home, an airport–you name it), and we’ll coordinate with the lister or the delivery person to ensure a smooth hand-off.

What do I do if a Lister hasn’t responded to my booking request?

We do encourage our listers to keep their availability calendars up to date, so their items don’t pop up on the search results on dates that they aren’t able to check booking requests. Of course, we realize that sometimes things can come up that might prevent a lister from proactively changing their availability settings. They could be on vacation themselves, out of network coverage, or tied up with their day job.

Because the rate in which our Listers respond varies, we recommend that our renters request from multiple listers to increase the chance of booking an item right away. As we said, you won’t get charged until you confirm a booking, and it’s easy to cancel the other requests once you’ve reserved with a Lister.

If I searched and there are no available rentals, what should I do?

There are a few things you could try if no items are popping up when you do a search for baby gear rentals: (1) You could change the search city or neighborhood/area because we might not have any listings for your search area just yet; (2) You can pan and zoom on the map to see if there are any rentals popping up in neighboring areas; or (3) You could widen your search and remove any filters so you can see other items that are up for rent that might still work for your needs.

If none of these options work for you, feel free to contact us at We are constantly working on building inventory, and we’d love to hear where we can expand!

Can I ask for a discount?

Most of our listers are pretty good about specifying whether they have discounts or specials currently being offered, but it can’t hurt to ask the lister when you’re in contact with them, especially if you’re renting one or several items from them, or if you’re renting an item for an extended period.

How do I pay the rental fee?

When you log in to Urban Tykes, you can check your Upcoming Trips and pay for your booking there. We accept all major credit cards.

Once you’ve paid for the rental, you’re all set! We’ll be in touch to hammer down the pickup and drop-off, and to help you with any other questions you might have about the rental.

Can I pay cash to the Lister?

The only way we can guarantee that both you and the lister are protected by a contract is if you pay the rental fee through our website or our mobile app with a credit card, which also serves as proof of the transaction. If a lister requests this from you, you can cancel the booking request with no consequence and re-book with another lister.

Do I have insurance with Urban Tykes when I rent?

Currently, neither Urban Tykes nor the lister of the ride can provide you with insurance for the rental. All reservations are at the renter’s risk and you will be responsible for any theft or damage to the ride during the rental period. We’re constantly working to make things as comfortable for both our renters and listers, however, so stay tuned for updates on this topic.

Can I list my baby gear for sale on Urban Tykes?

Unfortunately, we don’t allow sales on Urban Tykes. We always welcome any feedback to make the community better, so we welcome your messages with suggestions or questions.

Still have questions? Contact support–we’re happy to help!

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