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Lister FAQs

Will it cost me anything to list baby gear?

Nope–it’s completely free to list your stroller and any other baby gear you want to rent out. We only get paid when you do. When you approve a booking request and the renter pays for the reservation, we take 10% as a combined commission and lister’s fee.

So if you charge $15 per day to rent out your stroller, we take $1.50 from the rental.

What kind of baby gear can I rent out?

Our most popular rental items are strollers (singles, doubles, joggers, umbrellas–you name it), pack-n-plays, bassinets, and baby carriers (Ergo, Baby Bjorn). We’ve also seen other users list their high chairs, bottle warmers and sterilizers, as well as humidifiers.

We want to make children as comfortable as possible while they enjoy their trip to new places, so the more options we can give parents to make their hotel room or rental property as homey as possible, the better!

What if I my baby gear is only available on certain days?

No problem! All of your listings have their own availability calendars where you can set the dates that your baby gear isn’t available to renters. Before a reservation is completed, you also have a chance to accept or reject the booking–so if something comes up and you can’t rent out your baby gear, you can always reject a request.

If you need to temporarily take out a listing or if you know you’ll be unable to respond to requests for some time, you can always deactivate your listings so they don’t show up in the searches. When you’re ready, you can always re-activate the listings and start renting out your gear.

What if someone gets injured or their property is damaged while using the baby gear I rented out?

Before the renter commits to a reservation, the renter has to sign our Rental Agreement, which offers you, the lister, protection against injury to the renter or damage to their property.

However, it is your responsibility as the lister to make sure that your rental items are in good working condition without any defects.

What if my baby gear is damaged while it is rented?

By signing the Rental agreement, the renter assumes responsibility for any damage or personal injury while using your rental item.

We’re also working to secure additional protection for your rental items, and we’ll keep our listers updated on our efforts.

What if my rental gear is stolen?

If your baby gear is stolen while in use by a renter, email as soon as possible. We will work closely with you to replace the baby gear or to be reimbursed for your loss. We want happy listers and we’ll always try our best to help however we can. This guarantee is currently only applicable in the United States.

Can I list the same item multiple times with different addresses?

Yes, you can! Aside from designating your home city as the location for your rental item, we’ll be in touch with you to see whether you would be open to renting out your baby gear to neighboring areas.

Is there a minimum listing price I need to charge renters?

We do require our listers to charge at least $10 for rental items. This minimum may change or may vary as our community inventory expands, but currently, we don’t approve any listings priced under US $10.

How does drop-off and pick-up work?

Once you’ve created your listing, we will contact you regarding delivery and pick-up of the item. If you have a pretty flexible schedule that allows you to do the hand-off yourself, then the delivery fee is added to the total amount paid to you.

We also understand that sometimes you just want to list these items but not deal with the hand-off. In this case, we’ll coordinate with runners to pick up the items from you and deliver to the renter. These factors will be part of the delivery fee you assign to your listing.

Can I list my baby gear outside of the US?

Eventually, yes! We’re currently rolling out in the United States, but do stay tuned for updates on our worldwide rollout.

Can I accept cash from a renter?

We urge you to never accept cash! We require that all payments be made with a credit card since they give us a valid form of verification. Your baby gear will not be covered under the Urban Tykes guarantee if the transaction does not happen through our website or mobile app.

How do I get paid?

Urban Tykes automatically transfers payments to our listers at the end of each calendar month for payments totaling $50 or over. You can read up more on our payment schedule here.

Why was my listing taken down?

We take down a listing after three (3) reservation requests have come and gone without a login or response from the lister. This not only ensures that renters only rent from active users, but it also protects you from having your listing credibility be questioned due to unresponsiveness. We work closely with both our renters and listers and ask them to rate their experience. Listers are primarily rated on how often and how quickly a lister responds to a request. Great renter reviews make your listings more likely to be rented again!

If your listing was taken down and you decide to re-list them, you can simply log in and add the baby gear back to your list of rentals.

Can I list my baby gear for sale on Urban Tykes?

Unfortunately, we don’t allow sales on Urban Tykes. We always welcome any feedback to make the community better, so we welcome your messages with suggestions or questions.

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